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CRM Development

Implementing an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) solution in your organization can boost productivity of your sales team and customer support team significantly and give you an insight into the customer care and sales process. Many small businesses still rely on Excel sheets to manage customer data, which tends to be highly disorganized. CRM solutions can help you achieve better customer relations cost-effectively.

Arine Solutions can build customized CRM solution for your company. After understanding your exact requirements our team evaluates the various open source CRM tools available on the web and identifies the one that suits your requirements the best. We then add additional features, customize the interface and functionalities, create user profiles and give you a packaged solution that can be put to use immediately.

Despite being a major sales assistant, custom CRM software can do more than just streamline sales. It is apt to empower nearly every department (marketing, IT, HR, call-center, etc.) and every organization that deals with multiple contacts simultaneously (caregiving, education, idea crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc.).

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