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  • What is is an initiative of Falcon eBiz Private Limited. Falcon ebiz is a wholesome package of legal and regulatory services for budding entrepreneurs and anyone else who wishes to get insights on commercial information of businesses in India.
  • How can I benefit from Falcon Ebiz?
    Falcon ebiz provides officially sourced information on businesses incorporated in India. Falcon ebiz is used to access financial data, shareholder information and contact information of limited companies. New home buyers use Falcon ebiz to assess financial capacity of developers. Exporters and Importers use Falcon ebiz to assess credit worthiness of their foreign suppliers and customers. Businesses use Falcon ebiz for customer acquisition and marketing.
  • Why are my details on Falcon Ebiz?
    Falcon ebiz includes details of all Limited companies and associated directors for the purpose of credit checking and due diligence. We use publicly available data sources and API's to extract company data and group it together in a logical way. There is no restriction on the publication of this data, which is available to view on various public platforms, including credit reference agencies, business directories and government websites When a limited company is incorporated, it has a legal obligation under the respective country's company law to make certain business details available for public inspection. This includes registration details, financial accounts and director information. The level of detail available will depend on the relative country's filing obligations.
  • How can I remove certain information from Falcon Ebiz?
    The information on Falcon ebiz is all a matter of public record, and is sourced from the official registers, and from published government data. We aim to be an accurate copy of this and other records, and thus do not remove companies or data that are in the public record.
  • I have purchased company documents. However, I am unable to open the PDF file in browser?
    You may face difficulty in viewing certain pdf documents in Google Chrome and Firefox browser if your Adobe PDF plugin is outdated. You can either update PDF plugin or download the file and open it through Adobe Reader from your system.
  • I am unable to view documents in Android browser?
    Android's default browser lacks support for viewing pdf documents. You could either download Google Chrome for Android or use a different browser.
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